What is the SoMA?

As a synod of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Synod of Mid-America is responsible for the life and mission of the church throughout the majority of Kansas and Missouri, and for supporting its member presbyteries as they seek to support their member congregations.

To this end, some of the mission and ministries supported by the SoMA are:

One thought on “What is the SoMA?

  1. E.R. "Bud" Frimoth

    Greetings on this day when the SoMA is on the written page of the Mission Yearbook. Just wanted you to know that an old geezer out in Portland, OR (Presby. of Cascades/Synod of Pac) read of your work in the book. Also a simple prayer of gratitude for your many ministries about which I’ll read in the coming days as the Presbyteries offer their writings. These are tenuous days for Synods and the church as a whole, but so it was when the first disciples spread out to share the good news. We need that as well. Grace is the accompanying force that powers what the Spirit leads us to be and do. Bud Frimoth


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